October 25, 2003

The new WWC album is getting some rave reviews from the music press…

  • “4 out of 5 stars.” — Rolling Stone, October 2003
  • “5 out of 5 stars.” — Guitar One, October 2003
  • “4 out of 5 stars.” — Alternative Press, October 2003

Speaking of Rolling Stone, go pick up the latest issue [October 30, 2003 – with the “Women Who Rock” cover] for the review of the album. Nice photo too. I’ll have it added to the site soon. Still trying to get my hands on the other issues…

Are you spreading the word to the teaming masses about the new album? Buying 6 copies for Xmas gifts? Kwanzaa? Chanukah? C’mon…who wouldn’t love this album? I sure do!

Anyhoo…no word yet on any tour. Keep watching the page…


October 15, 2003

Still no more information about the upcoming WWC “World” tour…details [hopefully] soon.

To tide you over until there’s more information, I’ve added some new articles to the Articles section of the site: the Chart Attack article from August, the Seattle Times article from September and an EXCLUSIVE interview [published HERE before it’s even in the magazine!] of John McBain for the Czech magazine SPARK done for their November Issue. [BIG THANKS to Jaroslav for this article!] Word of a John McBain solo album? Go read about it!

Still working on the rest of the Tour pages…taking some time to recompile the data. I hope that I can add some dates to the “Upcoming” section soon. [HINT]

Oh well…back to it. Peace out, li’l honkies…

September 26, 2003

Rumors of a WWC tour are swirling around the Conspiracy. Once the details become more clear…you’ll hear about them here.

Hope they make it to Minnesota this time…

Also, due to the generosity of Chris Mackenzie [who back in the late 90’s had an unofficial page on WWC], I’ve received a lot of NEW articles and UPDATED past tour information that I’m integrating into the website! There’s a fantastic interview with John from the September 1995 issue of the Ptolemaic Terrascope that I’ve added to the Articles section of the page. More to come in the next few days!

Keep watching the page…

September 14, 2003

I have my review for “Wellwater Conspiracy” up on the album’s page in the Discography. It’s fair, balanced and objective. Yeah right. 😉

I also fixed the photos for the new album…had been using the “daybed” cover instead. Oops! I also added the vinyl edition of Declaration of Conformity to the Discography. I had the album this whole time…yet for some reason I never thought to add it! Doh!

I didn’t finish the rest of the Tour pages…however, I have received some interesting stuff that I will be adding to the site (hopefully) this week. Keep checking back to the page…

I have this feeling that I’m forgetting something…oh well.

September 12, 2003

Welcome to the new official WWC homepage. There’s lots of stuff awaiting you.

I have “Akka Raga” and “Late Night” available in the Multimedia section for your downloading convenience. Enjoy!

I’ve also added a few more of the Tour dates back onto the page. I’ll have the rest of them done [hopefully] by Sunday.

Also making it’s appearance back on the page is the Discography! Now updated with the new “Wellwater Conspiracy” album information! Lyrics will be back soon as well! Hopefully the guys will get me the lyrics for the new album…or I’m going to be forced to sit and listen to them myself again. Knowing how “accurate” I am…that should be interesting. Hilarity ensues!

Once I get they lyrics back up on the page…you’ll be able to find them in the Discography section, under each album’s info.

Hope everyone is enjoying the new album as much as I am! I’ll have my review of the latest release done by Sunday as well. And yes, it’ll be just as “interesting” as the one I did for “The Scroll”. 🙂

Signing off…

September 9, 2003


No….seriously….go buy it NOW!!!

There’s an article at The Seattle Times online [thanks Sara!]…click here to read it. If you have problems…I’ll have it archived on the site by the weekend.

Sorry there’s not more “fanfare” for the album release day…the new site launch and all the other GOODIES I had in store were delayed due to unforeseen connection glitches and other fun and interesting issues that I’m sure you’ll all be excited to hear about.

Yeah right.

Anyway…as soon as the “issues” get resolved, I’ll have the new WWC site [and all the stuff I promised you guys] ready to go! Keep watching the page…


July 30, 2003

Want to hear the new self titled WWC album before it hits stores?

Transdreamer/Megaforce Records are offering a limited edition vinyl that you’ll have in your hands well before the September 9th release date! Orders placed now will ship out August 15th! Yes, they do ship overseas….

For more information about this new release, click here [edit – link no longer active].

July 21, 2003

Here’s the long awaited news about the fourth WWC album!!

Title: Wellwater Conspiracy

Recorded late-2002 & 2003 at Space Studios, Seattle WA.

Mixed at Avant! Studios, Seattle WA
Produced by Wellwater Conspiracy
Jack Endino for last minute edits
To Be Released on September 9, 2003 on Megaforce Records

Players: Matt Cameron, John McBain
Additional player: Glenn Slater

Track Listing:

  1. Wimple Witch
  2. Galaxy 265
  3. Night Sky
  4. Dragonwyck
  5. Sea Miner
  6. Rebirth
  7. Something In The Air
  8. Sullen Glacier
  9. Crow Revolt
  10. My Darker Bongo
  11. Dresden Overture

On September 9, 2003, Wellwater Conspiracy will release its ultimate album of blistering music on Transdreamer/Megaforce Records. Inspired by its desire to mold the past and future, Wellwater has finally reached its boiling point with 11 of its finest songs in its history.

When you consider the accomplishments of Wellwater Conspiracy’s members, from the groundbreaking Soundgarden to Monster Magnet to Pearl Jam, it’s simply astounding that they have created and been involved with some of rock music’s most historical albums.

Wellwater Conspiracy is fronted by Matt Cameron, the long-time drummer of the legendary Soundgarden, and now a current member of Pearl Jam, and John McBain, the original founding guitarist of Monster Magnet. The impetus for this band is plain and simple: “We don’t have to write a hit single or any of that kind of junk. In that respect, it’s great (laughs). I think that’s reward in and of itself,” says singer Matt Cameron

When Wellwater Conspiracy entered Space Studio to record their new album it became quite clear that it would be no ordinary studio experience, but they were entering a musical journey unparalleled in its history. Wellwater is driven by experimentation, but this time around they tapped into a melodic sensibility never seen before. Call it divine inspiration, or perhaps a codification of everything they have ever attempted – but their self-titled album, Wellwater Conspiracy, simply turned out to be a modern, post-alternative masterpiece.

The band’s unique and offbeat lyrical approach combined with the raw, no non-sense approach to recording have catapulted this band to cult status. And anyone who has witnessed Wellwater’s live prowess always comes back wanting more of the “anything-can-happen” nature of the band.

“I love doing this project because we have a real sense of freedom,” says Matt Cameron. “WWC is very rewarding for both of us and that’s the main reason we like doing it. We just do what we want to do.”

With no masterplan at world domination or political motivations, this band instead retreats into its own head for inspiration. “There is no real anger in this band,” says Cameron. “I think Bugs Bunny would dig us.” Guitarist John McBain elaborates: “The industry wants to slap leather pants on you and make you wear those ridiculous orange-tinted glasses. Matt and I had done that to a degree with our previous bands. WWC was a reaction. We just wanted to start all over.”

Given the band’s experimental and organic nature, they once again turned to recording Wellwater Conspiracy at Space Studios in Seattle, which was the rehearsal space for Soundgarden and also formerly a KFC, and it has enabled the band to retain its open and unhindered approach to writing and recording. “We don’t have a particular sound. Our goal is to just make albums, not to come up with a marketing plan,” says McBain.

Well…I guess that’s pretty clear! 😉

On last thing…I neglected to upload Late Night and Akka Raga for the “July 2-for-1” Feature Audio Download. I’ll do it for August. Getting ready to go on vacation! 🙂

More details to come! Keep watching the page…

June 2, 2003

Well the winner has been chosen for the Wallpaper contest! Big congrats to Captain Anomie for his submission! There’s also two other fan submissions that were good enough for the runner up slots! Unfortunately…there’s no prize for runner-up. Go to the Multimedia section to see all the wallpapers!

Also in the Multimedia section is the other track from the Japanese release of Declaration of Conformity: Late Night. Go to the Featured Audio Download section to get this track…available only for the month of June.

Also, I’ve gotten the Articles section back online. That was a bitch and a half to do….ugh. Webmistress tired.

I should get more updates done in the next few weeks. Keep watching this page.