No One Likes A Critic

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Don’t you just hate people who go out of their way to offer up an opinion on anything and everything?  Especially when you never asked them in the first place?  Who died and made them boss?  And what makes their two cents more valid than your own?  Who do they think they are? Life is hard enough without some blowhard chiming in all the live long day about how out of touch and clueless you are.

“Yeah, I USED to like them before they sold out.”

“They sucked after their first single.”

“Whatever. I read that in seventh grade.”

“I was there so I should know.”

“You liked that? That figures.”

You’ve all come across people like this. Don’t these jerks have a life?  Damn self appointed judges of all things “cool”. Who needs em’.

Warning for those with no sense of humor:  BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER SLOWLY…AND NOBODY WILL GET HURT.

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