May 15, 2003

I know…I said that I’d make a decision on the Wallpaper contest today…but I don’t have time to do the rest of the “site stuff” required to get everything done tonight. I will have the winner and runners-up posted to the site this weekend. Thanks to everyone for their submissions!

Peace out.

May 5, 2003

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! Have a margarita or something…

Exciting things are happening in the Conspiracy…more news to come soon! Naturally, this will be the first place to go for any news and updates…so keep checking back!

In the Multimedia section, we have some special tracks available for download. They are the two bonus tracks featured off the Japanese release of Declaration of Conformity: “Akka Raga” and “Late Night”. This month we’re featuring “Akka Raga” for download. Come back next month for “Late Night”! Both tracks are extremely rare for the serious WWC collector…so get ’em while you can!

As far as the wallpaper contest goes, the end date for wallpaper submissions will be May 15th. After that, I’ll decide the winner! It’s not too late to get your entry in the contest! Details about this contest can be found here.

Peace out. ~C

March 25, 2003

Well….for all of you who voted (all three of you, it seems!), the Featured Audio Download is none other than…

*drum roll* (thanks Matt…)


Go to the Multimedia section to download. It will be available for download until the guys send me something new for you all to hear. Hopefully Sullen Glacier won’t be up for long…

And…the wallpaper contest is off to a tepid start!! So far, I’ve gotten ONE submission (thank you “as1004”). C’mon you guys…I know you have some creative ideas out there!! Don’t forget the prizes for winning!! Details about this contest can be found here.

More stuff to come….I promise! 🙂


February 15, 2003

What? Another update within weeks of each other? What is the world coming to?

Well…to all of you whiners…

(you know who you are…the Webmistress is not impressed with you…but that’s a rant for the Board)

…out there in WWC land…The Conspiracy, Multimedia and Images sections have been restored in this update. Weeeee! There’s a new tab for Felicity’s Surprise in the Tablature section of the Multimedia section too!

I know…nothing new in the Featured Audio Download section. Maybe I can convince John and Matt to send me something new to put up! (hint hint) In the meantime, go to the Board, and go to the “Music Discussion” section where you’ll see a thread named “Vote for the Featured Audio Download”. You’ll see all 5 F.A.D. songs featured. Vote for the one you want back up for download! Simple, no?

And…I’ve had an idea. I’m going to be running a little contest. I need some new wallpapers for the Multimedia section. The ones there are a bit tired. Who out there can make the best WWC desktop wallpaper? I will have a small prize for the person who makes the best one. The judge is me, the Webmistress. But, even if you do not win, your wallpaper may be posted for others to download. Please submit your entry to me. Please make your entry for a 1024×768 desktop. Good luck!

February 5, 2003

Another stretch with no update. Last week of December, my computer (along with every file I had worked on for the site, but hadn’t uploaded yet) crashed. I lost everything. So now I’ve been slowly rebuilding the files AGAIN. Ugh.

So, anyways…I’ve added a two more of the tour pages back up to the site, 12.29.2002 Seattle and 8.31.2000 Seattle shows. More to come soon. John’s section of The Conspiracy will be back up too.

I’ll be out of town this weekend…hey, how often does one’s father turn 70? Once. Have a great weekend, everybody!

December 17, 2002

Yes…I know….long time, no update. I’ve been EXTREMELY BUSY moving, starting the new job, etc. However, new content will be rearing it’s ugly head after the holidays. Why after the holidays? Because I don’t have any freaking time to do it now! Anyhoo…I wanted to let you all know that I haven’t died or forgotten about the site.

Happy Holidays, everyone! ~C

October 24, 2002

Well…here is the new page…so far. It has taken MANY, MANY hours of hair pulling and MANY, MANY hours of learning real web programming. I think I have a handle on it now. I think.

Some of the sections will be empty until I can get all of the data converted to the new servers/site design. The Store and Tour pages are completed, somewhat. The rest will be completed as the weeks go by.

News? There isn’t any! So sit back, relax and wait for the sweet sounds of WWC to grace our presence once again. And post in the Board once in a while, would ‘ya?!?!