September 12, 2003

Welcome to the new official WWC homepage. There’s lots of stuff awaiting you.

I have “Akka Raga” and “Late Night” available in the Multimedia section for your downloading convenience. Enjoy!

I’ve also added a few more of the Tour dates back onto the page. I’ll have the rest of them done [hopefully] by Sunday.

Also making it’s appearance back on the page is the Discography! Now updated with the new “Wellwater Conspiracy” album information! Lyrics will be back soon as well! Hopefully the guys will get me the lyrics for the new album…or I’m going to be forced to sit and listen to them myself again. Knowing how “accurate” I am…that should be interesting. Hilarity ensues!

Once I get they lyrics back up on the page…you’ll be able to find them in the Discography section, under each album’s info.

Hope everyone is enjoying the new album as much as I am! I’ll have my review of the latest release done by Sunday as well. And yes, it’ll be just as “interesting” as the one I did for “The Scroll”. 🙂

Signing off…