Rolling Stone Interview

Rolling Stone magazine just posted an interview with Matt about the upcoming album and it will be out September 22nd of this year!

They also have the full track for the song “Time Can’t Wait” in the article – I have it embedded below for your earhole’s pleasure.

I was surprised to read that Matt wouldn’t be drumming on this album – instead has the rhythm section from David Bowie’s “Blackstar” album consisting of drummer Mark Guiliana and bassist Tim Lefebvre. I loved “Blackstar” so I have high hopes.

It doesn’t sound like there are plans to tour with this album (NOOOOOO!), which is a bummer. Go read the article for more details.

~The Webmistress

Matt Cameron Solo Project!

Greetings Conspirators! On Matt’s Instagram page today, he posted a minute long teaser for his upcoming album:

Titled “Cavedweller” – there’s very little details out there other than the Instagram post. What rumors I could find is that it’ll be released September 22nd and most likely through the Pearl Jam Ten Club Store.

I’ll post more details once I find actual confirmation of these details.

Very exciting stuff!

~The Webmistress

New Album From John McBain!

John’s been posting up some sneak peeks to his upcoming “LP/CD/Whatever” Accidental Soundtracks on YouTube! OMG.

The track First Earth Battalion is a nice, groovy instrumental. I hate to say it, because John probably hates them, but it sounds a bit like 2000’s era Blur or The Good The Bad and The Queen. (please don’t hate me)

Give it a listen, would ya?

There are more tracks to pleasure your earholes on his YouTube page. Go! Subscribe! What the hell are you waiting for?

Also, if you’re in a subscribing mood, go join the unofficial Facebook group for WWC! I’m there, so why the hell not?

Yours in the Conspiracy,
~The Webmistress

Roadburn Interview #1

by Keith Ingersoll

The exhaust from the expired end of his cigarette crashes so heavily into his end of the phone that had we not been separated by a continent, I might have waited till the smoke cleared to feel the weighty presence of one John McBain in my midst. McBain has paused again in our, as yet, brief conversation. He wants to make a point. He lights another cigarette butt and continues. It’s the umpteenth point he’s made in as many minutes, but like almost every other thing McBain – former lead guitarist for Monster Magnet, and now co-conspirator for the Wellwater Conspiracy – has said thus far, it’s laced with conviction and urgency.

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