The Catwalk Club

7.23.2004 – Seattle, WA

Bands Played (in order):

  • The 1234’s
  • The HO
  • Old Man Smithers
  • HOOF
  • Wellwater Conspiracy

Band Personnel:

  • Matt Cameron: Drums/Vocals
  • John McBain: Guitar
  • Glenn Slater: Keyboards/Bass


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Excerpt from an article by Stephen Tow:

At the end of the lunch, [Jack Endino] told me about a Wellwater Conspiracy gig taking place the next evening at a now-defunct club called the Catwalk. WWC, a three-piece, featured former Soundgardeners Matt Cameron (then and now with Pearl Jam), and Ben Shepherd.

I ended up going to the show myself since it wasn’t my family’s thing. About twenty or so patrons watched a Ramones cover band open. I’m pretty sure I saw Tad Doyle in the audience, especially since his band would play later, but I was too shy to say hello. (I interviewed him by phone in 2006).

The low-key atmosphere immediately struck me. (The ad in The Stranger, Seattle’s weekly paper, displayed “Wellwater Conspiracy” in small print, with no mention of the celebrity of two of its players.)

As I stood among the handful of patrons, Cameron came out to set up his drum kit. No roadies…and nobody in the audience gave a shit. The band then took the stage. I got to see Cameron play drums from about 20 feet away. Amazing…and he sang at the same time. And he sang well. And he sang while he played weird time signatures. How? After about 40 minutes, the band broke down its equipment and left. The performance was stunning, and, like I said, totally under the radar.

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