November 14, 2003

The tour news you’ve been waiting for has arrived!! The latest transmission from The Conspiracy:


Hello everyone, some great news in the Wellwater camp. We are going to be performing on the David Letterman show on Dec 17th. Not quite sure what track yet but our first TV appearance and we are very happy that it is Mr. Letterman. A show we can very much relate to. We will update more as it gets closer but please mark the date to tune in.

We are also working on a top secret release for the fan club only. Details still in the hatching stages but as soon as it gets closer we will let you know as this and our good friend Carolyn’s website [that’s me!] will be the only place to get it.

No tour dates to announce quite yet but some are coming and to our European friends..You will see us in the spring.

Thank you for everyone’s support, the response to the new record has been great and we appreciate it.

Over and out.


Well…THAT should keep you all sated for the time being! If anyone is going, please email me!! Thanks.

Peace out,