The Satyricon

8.30.2001 – Portland.OR – The Satyricon

Bands Played (in order)

  • Camaro Hair
  • Cat From Dog Mountain
  • Wellwater Conspiracy

Band Personnel:

  • Matt Cameron – Drums/Vocals
  • John McBain – Guitar
  • Glenn Slater – Keyboards/Bass


Some JERKS stole the setlists before WWC was even done playing!! BASTARDS!  And stupid me didn’t write it down during the show. If anyone has the setlist info…please email the!

Carolyn’s Review:
The Satyricon is a small venue…with a conspicuous post right in front of the stage. Opening was a band called Camaro Hair…didn’t listen to them at all. But next was Cat From Dog Mountain. For those of you who are quite familiar with WWC, this is the band that Derek Burns and Paul Burback are in. Derek does the vocals on Tidepool Telegraph and they both do vocals on Tick Tock 3 O’Clock (from The Scroll). They were EXCELLENT…so much so I bought their CD…which kicks ass. Wish I knew where you all could buy a copy…great music. An interesting side note…John plays on one track on their album and also co-produced it.

One thing different for this WWC show is that they moved Matt’s drum set up to the front of the stage. Also, John and Glenn switched sides…John is on the left and Glenn is now on the right. I watched the show right up front between Matt and Glenn. Now, since I thought I could get a setlist, I wasn’t writing down the songs as they happened, so I can’t give a play-by-play review. But they RAWKED! They were relaxed, looking like they were having fun. I couldn’t quite see what John was doing, as Matt’s drums were in the way, but I still took pictures of him anyway. One of my highlights – hearing Now, Invisibly live (amongst other things). I love that song!! Made the webmistress quite happy… :^)

Sullen Glacier has taken a slight metamorphosis since the first time I had heard it…and I wasn’t aware that Matt had vocals on it! They were quite distorted though. Still…a great song! Hope that one makes the next album. They also played their latest song Turtle Pants. Their latest cover song: The Lemon Piper’s Green Tambourine. Sounded awesome to me! The crowd was quite receptive too. As well they should…they RAWK!! This was the best show of theirs that I’ve ever seen!


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