The Crocodile Cafe

8.31.2001 – Seattle, WA

Bands Played (in order):

  • Sludgeplow
  • Nebula
  • Wellwater Conspiracy

Band Personnel:

  • Matt Cameron: Drums/Vocals
  • John McBain: Guitar
  • Glenn Slater: Keyboards/Bass

Setlist: (singer)

  1. Brotherhood Of Electric
  2. The Ending (Matt)
  3. Lucy Leave(Matt)
  4. I Got Nightmares (Matt)
  5. Green Undertow/Enebrio (Matt)
  6. Of Dreams (Matt)
  7. Farside Of Your Moon
  8. Hal McBlaine
  9. Turtle Pants
  10. Right Of Left Field (Matt)
  11. Now, Invisibly (Matt)
  12. Sullen Glacier (Matt)**encore break**
  13. Green Tambourine (Matt)
  14. Teen Lambchop (Matt)

Carolyn’s Review:

The Croc was crowded as hell! I started WWC’s set in the very back of the place by the bar…but eventually weaseled my way up towards the front, on the left side of the stage. John was well hidden behind the stacked speakers…save for a foot wide spot…perfect for pictures! Their set was rocking (RAWKING!). Even at the end of their “grueling 11 day tour”, they still put on quite a show! During the show, Matt broke his hi-hat cymbal, making it necessary to try some “experiments”. Even then, they still sounded great! (But then, they always sound great to me.) I really liked the addition of Teen Lambchop to tonight’s set…great song! Great way to end the show.

Hey…when’s the next tour? 😉


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