5.5.2001 – Hoboken, NJ – Maxwell’s

Bands Played (in order):

  • The Januaries
  • Wellwater Conspiracy
  • Peaches and Gonzales

Band Personnel:

  • Matt Cameron – Drums/Vocals
  • John McBain – Guitar
  • Jack Endino – Bass
  • Glenn Slater – Keyboards
  • Ben Shepherd – Vocals


  1. Farside Of Your Moon
  2. I Got Nightmares (Matt)
  3. The Ending (Matt)
  4. Lucy Leave (Matt)
  5. Right Of Left Field (Matt)
  6. Of Dreams (Matt)
  7. Hal McBlaine
  8. Brotherhood of Electric
  9. Thing in E (Ben)
  10. Trowerchord (Ben)

Carolyn’s Review:
Maxwell’s is very small…so small there is no backstage area or room for monitors on the stage. The monitors are all stacked up in front of the stage, save for one 3 foot wide section along the stage…this is where the bands get on and off the stage. One of my friends and I were lucky enough to be watching the show from this 3 foot space! And the stage itself was only about a foot or two off the ground anyway. AWESOME!

Before WWC played, we had to suffer through one of the worst bands I’ve EVER heard…The Januaries. I had to put my earplugs in so I wouldn’t have to hear them as well. God were they awful. Their set seemed to last forever…but finally they finished and WWC took the stage. John, Matt, Jack and Glenn took their spots on stage and got ready to play. Remember the 3 foot space I mentioned earlier? Well right before WWC started to play, someone wedged between me and my friend to get in front of us. I was mad at first…but then I realized it was Ben! What is he doing here? He squats on the floor in this 3 foot space and leans on the stage and he stays there until the part of the set where he sings. Slight freak out by the webmistress! And he was so nice to my friend and I too while we were taking pictures, since the only way we could get any pictures of Matt was to squat down and take them under his cymbal set up. Ben would just contort out of our way…we thanked him for it too. Anyway, the show starts. Same setlist as the night before at Irving Plaza.

Farside of Your Moon is the opener, followed by I Got Nightmares. They sounded very together…very good. And yes, I was screaming my fool head off. (*blush*) Loudly. I hope I didn’t make Ben deaf! Next was The Ending…what can I say? They were amazing!! They sounded awesome!! Lucky for you, there’s the video you can watch and see for yourselves. I’m watching it as I write this review. Lucy Leave is next. I said on my review of the Irving Plaza show that they were rocking out…well they are rocking out more tonight. Maybe it’s because of the tiny venue, maybe it’s because John was “back home” so to speak…who knows. All I know is that they “kicked it up a notch” for tonight.

(yeah…I watch Food Network…wanna make something of it?)

After Lucy Leave, this heckler…who apparently just bought the Hater album that day…started yelling out “Roadside”. So I yelled “wrong band!” Then they went right into Right of Left Field. John even kicked up a leg during that song! WOO! After the song finishes Matt says “Thank you….Hoboken…fucking New Jersey. How ’bout them gardenburgers?” Then the heckler starts yelling out “Roadside” again and Matt says “Roadside? Uh…no…” The guy wouldn’t quit! So I scream out “wrong fucking band!!!” I think he finally got the hint because he quit asking. Of Dreams is next…one word…WOW! Best version I’ve heard…how Matt can sing so solidly while drumming like that at the same time? Amazing!! Extended ‘jam’ at the end.

Hal McBlaine is next…again…they are still rocking…and I’m still screaming my head off! Brotherhood of Electric also kicked butt. Jack’s rocking bass solo…Glenn attacking the keyboards…I thought he was going to throw it out at the audience there for a minute. I’m running out of adjectives…so I’ll recycle one. Awesome! Now is when Ben crawls up on stage…and I do mean crawl! I think he was crouched down too long and his legs were stiff. This version of Thing in E was better than last night too…they just sounded to tight and in tune with each other tonight. Unbelievable!

Between Thing in E and Sleeveless Ben made this comment “Hey Matt…talk about gardenburgers…it smells like…sour salad…dirty Sanchez…”Jack says “Oooo…harsh!” Then Ben says loudly “Who the fuck sang up on this stage? (yells) HOLY SHIT!! OWW!” Reference to The Januaries, I presume…which wasn’t too far off. Sleeveless was rocking again! Ben was jumping all around the stage…Matt was drumming like a madman…awesome! (I need new adjectives) You Do You was equally energizing. The highlight: Ben howling like a cat in the middle of the song. “rraawwoolll!” Trowerchord was electrifying! Ben almost falls over John’s guitar pedals. Again…more rocking out by the band. LONG jam at the end…John’s looping his guitar…Ben’s got his microphone up against John’s amp to give it some feedback. Matt’s drumming like crazy…Jack and Glenn are tearing it up too. The webmistress was going crazy…screaming like a lunatic! Excellent finish to such a great set!


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