Irving Plaza

5.4.2001 – New York City, NY

Bands Played (in order):

  • Wellwater Conspiracy
  • Guided By Voices

Band Personnel:

  • Matt Cameron: Drums/Vocals
  • John McBain: Guitar
  • Jack Endino: Bass
  • Glenn Slater: Keyboards
  • Ben Shepherd: Vocals

Setlist (singer):

  1. Farside Of Your Moon
  2. I Got Nightmares (Matt)
  3. The Ending (Matt)
  4. Lucy Leave (Matt)
  5. Right Of Left Field (Matt)
  6. Of Dreams (Matt)
  7. Hal McBlaine
  8. Brotherhood of Electric
  9. Thing in E (Ben)
  10. Trowerchord (Ben)

Carolyn’s Review:
The show kicks off with Farside of Your Moon. Always love hearing this song live. Awesome instrumental…has to be one of their best. Band personnel (at this point) are Matt Cameron on drums, John McBain on guitar, Jack Endino on bass, and Glenn Slater on keyboards. They sound great…and look like they are enjoying themselves. Next song is a new one off The Scroll and Its Combinations: I Got Nightmares. I go nuts…(I told you I would be a screaming lunatic)…this is one of my favorite songs off the new album. The tempo that they play this song is faster than on the album…but it sounds great either way. My friends and I are front row, on the far right side of the stage, and we have great angles to take photos of Matt and John…Jack and Glenn are on the far left side of the stage…but I still took pictures of them too…but the pictures didn’t turn out as well. To my left is someone from TVT Records videotaping the show. I told him that I would try my best not to bump into him (because I tend to rock out watching concerts) and warned him that I would be screaming. Did I ever! :^)

The Ending is next…and oldie but goodie. Another song that the tempo is kicked up for the live performance. Lucy Leave is after that and Right of Left Field follows that. They all rocked! But I may be biased just a little. Next is Of Dreams…another new song off The Scroll…the Steve Morgan cover, I believe. Another freak out moment for the ‘ol webmistress! The instrumental Hal McBlaine follows this song…the song my husband says sounds like Zeppelin. (OK honey…whatever you say…) One of the new instrumental songs from The Scroll is played next: Brotherhood of Electric. Jack rips into his bass on this song…with a big grin on his face. There was another moment (I don’t remember what song it happened on) where Matt was drumming and lost the stick in his right hand and he just looked down with a “ah shit…how did THAT happen” look on his face…but the other 3 limbs just kept going while he grabbed another stick. Why that struck me as funny, I don’t know. John is even rocking out…for John, that is. When I saw them play in Seattle last November for Terrastock, John hardly moved…other than to use the guitar pedals in front of him. But tonight he was in the “guitar god poses” and everything! Awesome!

The next song is Thing in E…and I recognize this song from Terrastock too. What a scorcher…and I do NOT know who originally did this song. (Thanks to those who emailed me – Thing in E is a Savage Resurrection song) And this is the first song where Ben Shepherd joins the group. This song kicks ass…and I rock out some more…hitting the poor guy videotaping the show. I apologize profusely. I think these clips that are being taped tonight will eventually be on the TVT Records website…there were two other cameras taping as well…but that may have been for the closed circuit televisions they had around the building showing live feeds from the shows. Sleeveless is next…and this is one of the better live versions I’ve heard Ben sing…he’s right on. The punk rocker emerges!

You Do You is next and they close their set out with Trowerchord. Overall the show was FANTASTIC! No technical problems…nothing that I could see or hear anyway. And I couldn’t beat my vantage point for the show either. These guys need to play live a lot more…they RAWK! :^)


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