Key Arena

11.6.2000 – Seattle.WA

Bands Played (in order):

  • Wellwater Conspiracy
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Pearl Jam

Band Personnel:

  • Matt Cameron – Drums/Vocals
  • John McBain – Guitar
  • Glenn Slater – Keyboards
  • Jack Endino – Bass
  • Eddie Vedder – Vocals
  • Ben Shepherd – Vocals

Setlist (singer):

  1. Farside Of Your Moon
  2. The Ending (Matt)
  3. Lucy Leave (Matt)
  4. Hal McBlaine
  5. Red Light Green Light (Eddie)
  6. Felicity’s Surprise (Eddie)
  7. Trowerchord (Ben)
  8. Sleeveless (Ben)


From Drew Hilling (Courtesy of the Unofficial Ben Shepherd Homepage):
It started out simply enough. The shadowy figure of Matt Cameron strode confidently toward the drumkit. John McBain started tuning up. Jack Endino plugged in his bass, and what appeared to be Dan Peters (note: is Glenn Slater, not Dan Peters) seemed to be tinkering around on keyboards. They placed a few odd notes here and there before launching into an aggressive fuzz drenched rendition of Far Side of Your Moon, easily capturing the attention of some several thousand Pearl Jam fans streaming into the seemingly cavernous Key Arena. Several fans on the floor jumped up and there was a smattering of recognition throughout the room. One thing for sure, the drummers in the crowd sat up and took notice as Cameron took full advantage of his enormous surroundings, bouncing intricate rhythms around every inch of the venue. He took vocal duties on the second number and a powerful take on The Ending. WWC was in particularly good form after McBain whacked his guitar back into shape (literally) before Lucy Leave. Jack Endino took the liberty to let us know “this is Wellwater Conspiracy” before they eased into a subtle, groovy and mischievous Hal McBlaine. To the crowd’s delight,one Ed Vedder then wandered onstage to sing a couple of new tunes (Red Light/Green Light and Felicity’s Surprise). His vocals were understated and seemed to weave their way comfortably into the WWC vibe. After Ed left, an unmistakable figure slinked onto the stage. Ben Shepherd began to prowl the stage as only he can, wringing out a phenomenal version of Trowerchord as the band rose to match his intensity, with John’s guitar taking on an ominous tone and Matt crushing the hell out of the kit. Ben noted “This is Wellwater Conspiracy and this is the first song,” before a bombastic Sleeveless that found the band locking into the heaviest groove that I’ve ever heard from them, and Ben furiously spitting out lyrics over the relentless jam that built and built to a finale drowning in feedback. It was short, some might call it sweet, and it was Wellwater announcing their presence to the world…loudly.


(Courtesy of John McBain)

Trowerchord and Sleeveless:

Felicity’s Surprise:

Red Light Green Light:


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