Crocodile Cafe

8.31.2000 – Seattle, WA

Bands Played (in order):

  • The Heads
  • Brotherhood of Electric
  • Nebula

Band Personnel:

  • Matt Cameron: Drums/Vocals
  • John McBain: Guitar
  • Glenn Slater: Keyboards/Bass
  • Ben Shepherd: Vocals

Setlist (originally done by):

  1. You Stole My Love (Yardbirds)
  2. Farside Of Your Moon
  3. Ladder To The Moon
  4. Think About It (Yardbirds)
  5. No Friend Of Mine (Sparkles)
  6. Sleeveless
  7. Lost Woman (Yardbirds)
  8. Alcorockic (Shepherd)
  9. Thing In E (Savage Resurrection)
  10. Thirsty & Miserable (Black Flag)


From El Danno (of
On next was The Brotherhood of Electric who are essentially The Wellwater Conspiracy without Matt Cameron. John McBain (the man!) on Guitar, Ben Shepherd on Vocals, new WWC member Jack Endino on Bass and Dan Peters from Mudhoney on Drums. An incredible line-up to say the least, and it was a great experience seeing them live. Dan Peters went off on drums, the best I’ve seen him play. Jack Endino did a great job on back up vocals and bass and Ben Shepherd had a huge stage presence for sure. On the other hand though, John McBain, who did play amazingly, just looked like he was bored out of his mind the whole night.. Hmmm.. Maybe that’s just him.. And they played too many “Bad-Ass Punk-Rock-n-Roll” songs and not enough WWC songs for my liking. But otherwise it was a massively enjoyable performance that I’m glad I got to see! I can’t wait to see The Wellwater Conspiracy live someday!!


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