Welcome to 2013

I just got done converting my old, single-page HTML document of news and updates to WordPress blog posts, backdated to the original publish date.

I can’t believe how much has changed over the past 9 years since I did the last update of the WWC homepage!

We never did get the information on the fan club single…so I’ll let you know if anything changes. 😉

Also, my apologies for having the site be broken for so long. Something about life getting in the way…blah blah blah. I get it. I slacked off.

So, I’ve spent literally the last 8 months fixing and converting the Wellwater Conspiracy Homepage to run on modern web servers and to use a content management system that will automatically stay up-to-date so those fucking “Warning: include(content/.html) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory” errors will ever happen again. I promise!

Take a look around, let me know if shit is broken, and reminisce on the good ol’ days of the Conspiracy.

Yours always,
~The Webmistress

July 23, 2004

Last night was the show at the Catwalk Club. So far, I haven’t received any information on this show…so if anyone went, took pictures, wrote down the setlist, taped it…please please PLEASE contact the Webmistress! Thanks!

With that said, the Tour page has been updated with the information that I do have…namely the bands that were scheduled to play. Wish I could’ve been there…

More news soon…including the long-awaited fan club single!

July 2, 2004

TOUR UPDATE! The July 23rd show has been moved from Studio Seven to The Catwalk Club. According to the Conspiracy, every detail is the same, other than the venue. No information as how to purchase tickets for this show. If I get more information, I will post it to the site as soon as I get it.

Also, there’s a festival in Spain that WWC will be performing in. From what I can read, and I don’t read Spanish, is that it’s August 12 somewhere in the Paradanta region of Spain. Details can be found here. If anyone can translate that site for me, I would greatly appreciate it!

More to come soon!

June 15, 2004

Goodness…long time, no update!

UPCOMING SHOWS: July 23rd at Studio Seven in Seattle, WA. No details yet on the Studio Seven website, and I’ve had no luck finding an outlet to buy tickets for this show! If anyone knows, email me!

Also, the Conspiracy is working on some tour dates in Portugal and Spain in August. No concrete details yet…more to come as soon as they tell me about it!

More updates and information about the Fan Club release [hopefully] soon!

December 18, 2003

WWC was on Letterman last night! And it was AWESOME!!! Men in black, indeed! 🙂

For those of you who MISSED it…ahem…Jeff over at chriscornell.cc has ripped their performance to video already! [Thanks to “Kurv” for pointing me here!]

November 14, 2003

The tour news you’ve been waiting for has arrived!! The latest transmission from The Conspiracy:


Hello everyone, some great news in the Wellwater camp. We are going to be performing on the David Letterman show on Dec 17th. Not quite sure what track yet but our first TV appearance and we are very happy that it is Mr. Letterman. A show we can very much relate to. We will update more as it gets closer but please mark the date to tune in.

We are also working on a top secret release for the fan club only. Details still in the hatching stages but as soon as it gets closer we will let you know as this and our good friend Carolyn’s website [that’s me!] will be the only place to get it.

No tour dates to announce quite yet but some are coming and to our European friends..You will see us in the spring.

Thank you for everyone’s support, the response to the new record has been great and we appreciate it.

Over and out.


Well…THAT should keep you all sated for the time being! If anyone is going, please email me!! Thanks.

Peace out,

October 25, 2003

The new WWC album is getting some rave reviews from the music press…

  • “4 out of 5 stars.” — Rolling Stone, October 2003
  • “5 out of 5 stars.” — Guitar One, October 2003
  • “4 out of 5 stars.” — Alternative Press, October 2003

Speaking of Rolling Stone, go pick up the latest issue [October 30, 2003 – with the “Women Who Rock” cover] for the review of the album. Nice photo too. I’ll have it added to the site soon. Still trying to get my hands on the other issues…

Are you spreading the word to the teaming masses about the new album? Buying 6 copies for Xmas gifts? Kwanzaa? Chanukah? C’mon…who wouldn’t love this album? I sure do!

Anyhoo…no word yet on any tour. Keep watching the page…


October 15, 2003

Still no more information about the upcoming WWC “World” tour…details [hopefully] soon.

To tide you over until there’s more information, I’ve added some new articles to the Articles section of the site: the Chart Attack article from August, the Seattle Times article from September and an EXCLUSIVE interview [published HERE before it’s even in the magazine!] of John McBain for the Czech magazine SPARK done for their November Issue. [BIG THANKS to Jaroslav for this article!] Word of a John McBain solo album? Go read about it!

Still working on the rest of the Tour pages…taking some time to recompile the data. I hope that I can add some dates to the “Upcoming” section soon. [HINT]

Oh well…back to it. Peace out, li’l honkies…