Matt with Skin Yard, circa 1985 - photo by Charles Peterson* (28kb

Boom Theory - from March 31, 1999 chat (42kb)

Matt with Temple of the Dog - press kit photo (25kb)

Matt with Soundgarden and Pearl Jam - from Lollapalooza 1992, Rolling Stone 12/21/00 (83kb)

Zildjian advertisement - (139kb)

Ultramega OK - back cover of the Soundgarden album - just Matt (49kb)

Matt "kissing" the camera - (with Kim Thayil and Ben Shepherd) 1992-3 (67kb)

Cover of Modern Drummer - July 1999 (52kb)

Cover of Modern Drummer - June 1994 (49kb)

Cover of Drum! magazine - Sept/Oct 1996 (53kb)

Vic Firth advertisement - (51kb)

Boom Theory "Spacemuffins" advertisement - circa 1992 (125kb)
("Taste great with honey." - MATT! You aren't supposed to EAT them!!!)

Ayotte drum advertisement #1 - (77kb)

Ayotte drum advertisement #2 - with Jeremy Taggert and Matt Chamberlain (97kb)

Matt & Friends - (l-r) Matt, Jeremy Taggert and Greg Keplinger; March 2002 (19kb)

* - HUGE thanks to Jack Endino for letting me use this photo!

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