Drum Setup & Information

Drum: Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute

A. 7x14 custom Keplinger snare
B. 8x12 tom
C. 9x13 tom
D. 16x16 floor tom
E. 18x18 floor tom
F. 16x24 kick drum

Cymbals: Zildjian

1. 15" New Beat Hi-Hats
2. 19" Z Custom Medium Crash
3. 18" Z Custom Medium Crash (not always used)
4. 20" A Medium Ride or 21" Sweet Ride
5. 17" Z Custom Rock Crash
6. 19" Z Custom Rock Crash

Sticks: Vic Firth Matt Cameron Signature Series; 5B

Heads: Remo Emperors on batters, Ambassadors underneath

Hardware: DW

Mics: Shure microphones:

  • SM81 Hi-Hat
  • Beta 52A Kick
  • Beta 91 Kick
  • KSM32 Overhead
  • SM57 Snare
  • Beta 98 Toms

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