October 20, 2004

Holy shit - it's been a while since there's been any non-Pearl Jam Matt news!

But there is now!

Matt will be one of the performers in the 2nd Annual Ballard Jazz Festival this year. Matt will be performing at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA, on Thursday November 18th. The line up for this evening's perfomance, named "Brotherhood of the Drum Night 2", is as follows:

For this performance, there are NO ADVANCE purchase tickets. Brotherhood of the Drum Tickets are only available at the Tractor Tavern Door day of show for $12.00. This is also a 21+ only show.

Thanks to Philip Navarre for the info!

Dammit! Why can't I live in Seattle? ~C

June 25, 2003

There is an interview with Matt on PopMatters' website.  You can read the interview here. I'll have this interview archived on the site when I get the rest of the articles re-coded for publication.

May 5, 2003

The Images section has some new photos for you...in the Soundgarden section.

Still working on getting some audio downloads for the site.  Keep checking back for updates.

I also have the new, updated Drum Setup back online!  Big thanks to Robert for all his help!

March 29, 2003

I've gotten the Images section back online! I have some new photos I need to scan into the computer to add to various sections.  Keep checking back to the page for more updates and additions. 

The first leg of the North American Pearl Jam tour starts tomorrow.  As always, for the latest Pearl Jam news, go to either The Sky I Scrape (an unofficial site), Pearl Jam Synergy (Sony's official site) or Ten Club (the band's other official site). Have fun! :-)

Peace out...

February 15, 2003

I've been concentrating on getting the content restored over on the WWC page.  It's very, very, very time consuming!!

However, in the interim, I was wondering this:  is there an audience here for selected audio downloads of some of Matt's performances?  I'm not sure what that would or could consist of, especially without infringing on anyone's copyright.  However, if this is something you'd be interested in me looking into (because it'll take some time to figure out)...email the .

Also, I'm in the process of updating Matt's drum setup.  The old graphic that I had can be viewed here.  Any new information or assistance that you drummers out there can offer, I'd greatly appreciate it!!

Thanks for your continued support and keep watching this page!!


February 5, 2003

Pearl Jam has been quite busy as of late!  I don't try to keep up with news on all the goings-on with Pearl Jam...there's way better sites than mine out there to find your PJ information.  I like going to The Sky I Scrape for PJ info...has a fantastic multimedia section. 

More to come!  I promise! :-)

November 1, 2002

Pearl Jam is the Artist of the Day at Billboard.com. Click here for the article. A quote:

"The album also finds the group realizing its collective creativity to an often stunning degree, with myriad songs that find little basis in any prior Pearl Jam album. "You Are," penned by drummer Matt Cameron, is a monster of jagged guitar outbursts fed through a drum machine and welded to a gritty groove, while bassist Jeff Ament's "helphelp" careens from sweetly sung verses to maniacal choruses and an even more intense instrumental breakdown."

Matt's so creative with his songs! ;-)

October 25, 2002

Billboard.com has quite a large feature about PJ's latest effort, "Riot Act".

A small excerpt (with an interesting tidbit):

McCready: I came in with that riff and we just kind of started jamming on it. It was a blast to play. The track that actually ended up on there, halfway through the song, Matt lost his headphones. He was going off. That's my favorite part of that song, his crazy drum fills. I like the solo too, but the drum fills are insane how good they are. He's doing them without his headphones, just by watching the bass.

Cameron: It was me watching Jeff's fingers and hoping I was in time, you know? There's a breakdown of just me and Jeff. I hit a cymbal, moved my head, and the headphones went flying. A little point of interest there for the listener!

Veeeeery interesting, indeed!

Also, a rundown of the tracks that Matt wrote/co-wrote:

  • Cropduster - music
  • You Are - music/lyrics (Matt also plays rhythm guitar on this song)

And...for some reason I CAN NOT FIND any more information! I know I saw the full listing of Riot Act's music/lyrics somewhere. If anybody does run across it, email me. (use "Webmistress" link at the bottom of the page. Thanks!)

October 24, 2002

Matt's in the new Pearl Jam video, can be downloaded here. You may have to do a little digging for it....and if you don't have high-speed internet....don't even bother because it's a HUGE (37.3mb) file. But, it is a great video.

Also, on the PJ front....since I've been HORRIBLY lax in the reporting for this stuff lately:

  • PJ on Letterman: November 14th & 15th. Yes. Two nights.
  • Release date of new album, Riot Act: November 11th.

Also.....the Mattster is going to be the big 4-0 this year...on November 28th. Remember Matt....age is only a number! :-)

Here's the new re-design of the page. Hope everyone likes it. Everything pretty much stayed the same...a few items have been either deleted or moved to a different category. I have NOT gotten everything moved over to the new server and converted to the new "style". That should take me a few weeks. The "news" section is the only thing I've gotten done. Busy getting ready to move (again!)...so I've been a bit busy with "life".

Special thanks to Dan Bailey for his assistance with the web geek stuff and for all the fonts (because he designed them!)....'cause all this time I had no idea what I was doing! (like this should be a surprise to anyone! ;-)


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